Medicated Treatment

The most successful modern way to help people who suffer from the disease of addiction. To be more specific those who are specifically suffering from any opioid addiction. We know it seems like an unattainable goal. Many give up. We’re living proof to tell you this is something you can do.


Options ..

What are my options.. Some people in the recovery community do not fully understand the medical dynamics of certain addictions. We now know someone who abuses something like Vicodin for over 1 year has flooded their brain with so much dopamine it becomes dependent on this drug as a part of the brains normal subroutine. During the time of active addiction the brain becomes chemically imbalanced, but the brain adjusts and corrects the imbalance based on the new amount of dopamine as the baseline or normal level. Now what happens when we take the drug away? The opposite of pleasure, relaxation, and being content. What addicts fear the most. The oldest and least successful strategy for opioids addiction based on AA and the 12 step model used abstinence as treatment. Unfortunately for the AA model, our brains naturally create dopamine, but it will never be able to recreate the natural amounts of dopamine to match any normal pleasure, relaxation, or contentment previous to the addiction. The “post acute withdrawal” issue was never addressed within the AA model and contributed to a gigantic number of relapses and deaths.

It’s not all bad news! Using the Medicated Treatment option over time and with the right medication your brain will heal itself. It may not get back to 100% or the way it was before your addiction but it’ll get you within the 99% percentile. Medicated treatment can lead people to live without the fear of post acute withdrawal symptoms, chronic imbalances in dopamine levels, and deadly relapses. Of course I save the best for last, this treatment will also reveal a way to become a productive and healthy member of society.


Which is best for me?

How to discover which medicated treatment option is best for you. There are currently 3 we encourage, but none alone. Please view the FAQ to see all 3 treatments we “recommend”.

Why Medicated Treatment?

Why do we talk about “Medicated Treatment” and not¬†abstinence or a 12 step program? The answer is simple. We are trying to keep our youth alive. We are fed up with the overdose deaths, and those speficially from people who are in a program of¬†abstinence.

After a few decades of research we now know for a fact over 80% of overdose deaths are from people who are in some kind of program which preaches abstinence (12 steps) or people who either just got out of a treatment center or jail.

What can we do with this research? We are already realizing methadone coupled with counseling is far and away the best option for opioid addicts. The success rate is over 80% while 12 step programs boast a success rate of 5% or less.


Next Steps…

Finding the right option for you..

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