Medicated Treatment

The most successful modern way to help people who suffer from the disease of addiction, to be more specific those who suffer from opioid addiction. It can seem like an unachievable task, but it is something you can do.


Treatment Options

What other options are out there?


Which is best for me?

How to discover which medicated treatment option is best for you. There are currently 3 we encourage, but none alone.

Why Medicated Treatment?

Why do we talk about “Medicated Treatment” and not¬†abstinence or a 12 step program? The answer is simple. We are trying to keep our youth alive. We are fed up with the overdose deaths, and those speficially from people who are in a program of¬†abstinence.

After a few decades of research we now know for a fact over 80% of overdose deaths are from people who are in some kind of program which preaches abstinence (12 steps) or people who either just got out of a treatment center or jail.

What can we do with this research? We are already realizing methadone coupled with counseling is far and away the best option for opioid addicts. The success rate is over 80% while 12 step programs boast a success rate of 5% or less.


Next Steps…

Finding the right option for you..

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