60 Minutes Fury

CBS Exploits Disabled In Prime Time

May 13, 2018 CBS Mocks The Disabled
60 Minutes Official Headline:
“Opioid epidemic leaving grandparents to raise grandchildren”

I watched this with utter disgust. I would like to start by saying this opinion piece is being written by the administrator of medicatedtreatment.com and I’m a registered Independent. Right now we hold no official political stance one way or another when it comes to party lines. We each hold our own ideals and views. As far as our site goes we exist solely to help people. If we need to reach out to politicians from time to time to try and help get police life saving narcan we will. Again, I would reach out to The 5’s Eric Bolling from FOX News the same way I would reach out to Chris Matthews from MSNBC if the latter had a problem similar to Mr. Bolling’s child dying from a drug overdose recently. I will continue after getting that out of the way. Of course these interviews and the show was filmed in the red state of Utah. Let’s just say family planning isn’t very high on the list of priorities for their state government. If addicts had access to contraception in these states which are making it nearly impossible these problems would .. well .. not be a problem. During the first “round” of the opioid epidemic meaning during the mid 1990’s to early 2000’s when Dr’s were pushing Oxycontin for most every pain related incident the addicts were getting a steady stream of prescription drugs from Dr’s so the issue wasn’t so prevalent. A mother or father could get their pills and go to work, take care of their family, etc. It wasn’t until the effects of people selling their medication and the new heroin market coming back full steam in the early 2000’s which got the attention of the Federal government and some changes were made. A lot of families most likely got their pain pills from a Dr raised their kids, got them into college, and didn’t have to deal with the consequences of being “cut off” of their medications until as late as 2010. By this time the second round of addicts were in full swing. People were no longer able to get access to pills, more and more people turned to heroin and we have what is now known as the “opioid epidemic”. It should really be called the “Oxycontin Problem”. So now we have kids running around looking for some kind of opiate because they know how powerful they are. Thus continuing the cycle. Mississippi just made is almost impossible to get an abortion, so guess what? More “opioid epidemic grandparents”! This stuff is not rocket science. Get people REAL help. Get them medicated treatment with the proper counseling they need. Enough with the 12 step programs (who profit in the billions). Shed light on what works not the problems. Mass incarceration for drug cases has become insanity. No abortions, just have the baby and put it right in jail. Privatize all of the jails and make more billions from the jail systems too! I am sick of it all! CBS should be ashamed of itself. Les Moonves do yourself a favor. At the next board meeting ask how many people either took a drink or are medicated. Then have a special and tell us how many hands went up. Follow that up with how many kids they raised. 

Some people shouldn’t have children, especially when addicted. Maybe contraception should be easier not harder to get.

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